Where we work

We’re located at “Die Lobby” , Erdeborn, a home for music enthusiasts with rehearsal rooms, a location for live events, ateliers and our recording studio.

After starting to build a new recording room in our old home, we had to find a new home for us in 2013. So we were looking for an appropriate new building and found it in Erdeborn in 2014. Getting all the paperwork done took us until 2015, when we started rebuilding, extending and setting up everything new and as we need it.

We’re not finished yet, it still looks like a cunstuction site in some parts of Die Lobby, but the end is coming closer. Most rehearsal rooms are finished, our location for live events is finished and the recording rooms are finished as well.

So we’re ready to do some magnificent recordings! Feel free to contact us here!

Here are some impressions of our residence: